Q: What is JF3Run 2018?
Q: When the race take place?
Q: Where is the race will be held?
Q: What are the categories of the race?
Q: What are the requirements for each of these categories?
Q: Is there any prohibition for the costumes?
Q: At the first mentioned, this is a race, Is it allowed to enter the race without wearing a costume?
Q: Can I see the route of the race?
Q: When the registration open?
Q: Is there any early bird registration?
Q: How much is the registration fee?
Q: What will we obtain after registering as a participant?
Q: Are there any discounts or rebates?
Q: How does the payment system?
Q: What if I don't have email address to register online?
Q: What if I do not have time to retrieve my BIB number until the race day?
Q: What if my BIB number lost / left behind?
Q: Is there a time limit at the race?
Q: What if I violate the rules?
Q: What are the prize for the winners?
Q: Can the prize that obtained diverted to someone else?
Q: What is the procedure of departure for participants that win a trip to Budapest Marathon, Hungary?
Q: Where is the nearest parking location?
Q: Is there any recommendations for hotels?